Origination Techniques

Holography dominates the brand certification market because there is no other printing technology that works on so many levels of security. This multi-level approach is designed to facilitate in the best possible way the verification of authenticity for brand owners and consumers. The basic process of creating a holographic image is called ‘origination’. There are a few basic types of origination:

2D/3D Hologram Master

is widely used for commercial purposes. It consists of several two-dimensional layers visually placed one above the other, which gives them an illusory depth effect. The depth between different layers and relatively high reflection of the first layer, as opposed to other layers, are the most important features of 2D/3D hologram.

3D Hologram Master

is a three-dimensional image that is actually a reflection (duplicate) of a real object or a computer-generated image. Main characteristic of this type of a hologram is that the 3D image changes depending on the viewing angle.

Dot – Matrix Hologram

comprises many tiny dots or pixels, which are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Each dot is a separate hologram, and together they create a 2D or 3D image. Dot matrix holograms are created through a computerized origination system, which exposes one dot, or pixel, at a time. This hologram looks very attractive because it shows many colours, has sharpness and a lot of kinetic movement.

E-Beam Technology

One of the best ways of making the high security hologram is application of the E-beam technology. E-beam technology is based in a set of micro imprints with specific parameters of electronic beam which can be directed to one point with size of several nanometers.

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