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Our standard line of caps, pumps and nebulizers offers solutions for completing and sealing of packages in wide range of areas.

We have different type of products, dimensions and design, in order to fulfill various needs of our customers and complete their package design.

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Our lotion pumps are available with several locking options, “lock – up”, “twist-lock” or “lockdown”. These products are comprised of valves, pump chamber, head and pump door.

They can be produced to dose different volumes of liquid per squeeze. We offer different type of pumps, with various neck, dozer, hose length and colors, so they would easily fit into your product – packaging design.

Lotion pumps are mostly used for soaps, hand cremes, anti bacterial foams, body lotions or body and hand washing products.

Trigger pumps are usually made of polypropylene (PP) plastic, and can be used for general use (water, cleaning agents) or chemicals.

They are available in a variety of colors so you can easily fit them into your package design. Nozzle can adjust so it can produce fine spray or strong stream for liquid dosing.

Company DND International offers wide range of trigger pumps in different colors and design, including standard trigger pumps, as well as chemical – resistant ones.

Mini trigger pumps are used for thousands of liquid products worldwide.

Mini trigger pumps are designed to apply wide range of liquids to all types of surfaces. Mini trigger pumps can be used for commercial products and household products alike.

Some of the most popular include: antibacterial spray, cleaning products, oil-based products, and hundreds of different household products.

Pump sprayer must be designed so it can dose different volumes of liquid per squeeze. We offer different types of sprayers, with various door sizes, dispensers, tube lengths and colors so it can easily fit into your package design.

Pump sprayers have wide range of application, including antibacterial sprays, hundreds of cleaning products, tanning lotions or hair and body creams.

Top pumps for dozer bottles are designed for work with cotton pads, cotton wool or alternative cleaning cloths.

Liquid can be applied to the pad without spilling. Upper spraying units have proven exceptional in working with cleaning chemicals, nail polish removers, toners, and polishing liquids.

We offer a wide range of plastic PE, PP and LDP caps for 70 different products that fulfill the closing requirements for various types of packaging in several areas of application. Caps are produced on German machines, by using the highest quality raw materials and tools, which results the high quality of the product.

All products can be recycled, considering they are made of quality granules that haven’t been recycled prior. Certificate ISO-8317 for squeeze and open caps in dimensions of 18, 28, 33, 38 and 48 mm guarantees “Child resistant packaging” – children safety when handling the packaging.




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